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Best Shoes for Bunions Main ImageBunions can be an unsightly and painful condition, making it very hard to find the right pair of shoes that won’t further aggravate your bunions. Regardless of whether, you’re a runner, love to take long walks, or are struggling to find a pair of sandals that cover your bunions without causing any additional pain, we have you covered. In fact, in our best shoes for bunions section we cover , , tennis, , dress, and after surgery shoes.

Best Shoes for Nurses Main ImageWith nurses having to spend all day on their feet a comfortable pair of shoes is an absolute must. Nursing shoes come in a range of styles, such as slip-ons, clogs, and oxfords, but are also very popular due to the excellent comfort, shock absorption, and arch support they offer.

We have several articles to help nurses find the best shoes, including the best white nursing shoes and the best nursing shoes for women. We’ve also covered shoes for very specific circumstances, such as if you are a nurse who has wide feet, flat feet, or plantar fasciitits.

It’s also our belief that should be able to find a good pair of shoes just as easily as , so you will find that many articles and lists include shoes for both men and women.

Best Shoes for Nurses Main ImageStanding all day inevitably causes pain and discomfort, which is why it’s so important to find the correct pair of shoes that can. In the best case scenario the right pair of shoes can completely eliminate this pain and discomfort; in the worst case scenario, such as having no choice other than wearing smart looking shoes that aren’t as focused on cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support,  at least reduce the pain and discomfort by quite some distance.

This is why we made sure to include , , and dress shoes, along with other models for when you have to stand on concrete all day, in addition to the best shoe inserts.